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It’s high time for the Netizens to rake moolah via Internet but an obstruction once intervened can get you miles away from the target. Digital Marketing is eye-candy for sure but one can’t deny the breaking of Affiliate Marketing in the popularity frame nowadays. The direct selling option on the bigwig e-commerce websites is an option as well which carries on a huge legacy of rags to riches story from the past 2 decades. The sellers have their own potential market on such online platforms; most notably Amazon has been the helping hand for the sellers for quite some time now.

Starting up as a seller on Amazon is as easy as 1-2-3, what you all have to do is select the niche or the product you’re willing to sell. Apart from that, you need to comply with the set of rules and regulations Amazon has particularly initiated for the sellers on this platform.  Long story short, only the eligible candidates are allowed to go ahead with the product listings and then the selling process.

 Amazon Seller Account Health

Once you’re on the go with your seller account after getting a pat from the Amazon authorities, there is much more ahead for you to worry about and that can entirely be looked into the Amazon Account Health option. It’s actually the Amazon seller performance that is referred to as the Amazon Account Health; it actually stands out for the services a seller pampers the buyer with.  The performance metrics give insight about the each and every required detail regarding the sellers' account, ranging from the Order Defect Rate, Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate, On-Time Delivery Rate, and Valid Tracking Rate and Return Dissatisfaction Rate.

If you are spot on with all the aforementioned seller account metrics factors as per the policy, your account is 80% secure to get it away from the Amazon radar. But as it isn’t 100 percent that means something out of the blue can knock your seller account down or get it under the review. So, you can’t be like just prepared of few of the things to get your sellers to account going, at times you need to be one step ahead to make sure you’re knocking the right door.

Below we rundown over most likely reasons that can result in your seller account suspension:

  • Boom in your sales.
  • Late Delivery.
  • Counterfeit Products.
  • Low-Quality Products.
  • Copyrights Infringement
  • Account Association with another account.
  • Listing Policy Violations.

Exceeding Pre-fulfilment Cancelation Rate

Failing to meet the promised date is not something to hurt you in the first place; it leaves negative imprints on your account in the longer run. If this cancellation rate keeps soaring up and increases the warning of 2.5 %, it’s time to bid adieu to your account for quite some time as it results in suspension of your account that means barricade to your selling privileges and if things remain the same then it can even lead to the worst of the situations, permanent banning of your account. It will be pertinent to mention here that Amazon is quite lenient about this cancellation or late shipping rate as they understand the untoward situations or the natural disasters worsening all this product shipping and then delivering to the buyers. If it is something that’s causing you distress, let us know as we with your conclusive techniques manage you to look good on paper and get your account reinstated as well.

 Catering to Listing Policy Violations

Listing your products rightly is the first step to make sure you outsmart your counterparts. At the same time, it is most time-taking as well. The right optimization of your listings is something that would take your account new heights. While eyeing to win the game through this listing process, you also need to keep a close eye on the listing policy as well as if you don’t comply with it; things can go against you to an extent that you may have to face the suspension on this platform. We at David Willy have the team that keenly looks into the listing of your seller account and also get you out of the hot waters in case you have committed the listing violations.

 Rectifying Customer Complaints

 As the boss, the customer is always right and you aren’t supposed to have any debate about that at least when you are selling up on Jeff Bezos website. The sellers who went one extra mile entertaining the customers actually assure their berth atop. And those who aren’t bothered regarding the customer complaints and suggestions are there to pay a hefty price in the longer-run no matter how strong or popular they are today on Amazon. We understand all this gap between the seller and the buyer and we know how to just fix it. Not to forget, the customer feedback can also lead to your account suspension. So, you need to take it seriously; we can abridge things in between the sellers and buyers and can even make you look right in front of the Amazon Team.

Coping with Intellectual Property Claims

Fabricating Brand Invoices

     The above-mentioned are some of the situations that are quite common with the sellers whose account gets under the radar or get suspended. But yet it isn’t all like anything that may be looking sane enough to you might be annoying to Amazon team at the same time. Still, then you don’t need to be despondent over that as we have pampered you whether it is the worse or the worst situation.

    David Willy Services

     Sorting Out Funds on Hold

    What if Amazon gets hold over your hard earned money for 7 days, 30 days or even for the indefinite time? It isn’t something to really worry about as it might have happened due to your abnormal sales boom or association with some other account. We with the proficient attorneys on board clear this miscommunication and prove your mettle as the legitimate seller on board. We at David Willy have been doing it since long and our Plan of Action is worthy enough to make things go in seller’s favor.

    Working Out Authorized Brand Invoices

    Amazon understands the drop-shipping and the third party being completing the orders on your behalf and that isn’t something that annoys them. But at times, they ask for the brand invoices which turn out some serious headache for the sellers. Even the sellers, who are fulfilling orders on their own and getting the products from the middle entities or retailers delivered to the buyers often, get stuck with this brand invoices thing. To deal with it many of the sellers, fabricate the invoices but it backfires big time. Consequently, it leads to the suspension of one’s seller account. You can leave this brand invoice part on us as we have devised plans plus the leading businessmen we have in our team have direct connections with hundreds of mighty brands in the market.

    Account Review Solutions

    Many of the sellers think once their account is under the radar of Amazon it’s the death kiss for them. But it isn’t anything more than just a perception as it’s just a move from the Amazon authorities that may be provoked by the abnormal activity of your account and algorithms would have just pointed it out. At times, the reason of account on review isn’t told that adds more to the dismay of the seller. But you don’t need to worry about it even for a while as we render our expertise to all the solution-oriented approaches to get your account back on track.

    You can be blacklisted or even get suspended for the copyright infringement; so you need to be wise with it. At times, there are photos and videos that are for public use but some of them are protected under the copyright and in case you use them with permission of the one who holds the ownership, you are most likely to suffer as Amazon has quite strict policy against those who commit copyright violation on motive or even undeliberately. The ASINS are also somehow part of the copyright campaign on Amazon and even if by mistake you get them mixed with one and another seller, it can get you under the review in first place. We understand the copyright violations to the core and carry the plan that sorts things in a transparent way.

     David Willy gets you pampered around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with their extensive services that make sure your seller account always be on the right track. And in case, you get stuck with something, you aren’t supposed to take it up as a full stop; it may be just a comma that just wants to add more clarity to your techniques and plans.  

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