Amazon Account Specialist Reinstatement Services Provider: Here is What You Need to Know?

Amazon is unarguably the happy marketplace for everyone; whether it is the seller, buyer, marketer or a businessman. But the aforementioned statement isn’t that legit about the desperate sellers and the crybabies who aren’t pleased with the Amazon’s Services, no matter what. Though we can’t do anything about the latter but we can help the former, desperate seller to get transited to happy seller clan.

Before doing this one should actually know that what makes a seller desperate on a platform which is home to 5 million sellers across the globe. Long story short, the sellers are a noob to an extent that they don’t bother to read the guidelines and terms and conditions set by Amazon and even if they get some precious time out reading it, they aren’t going to pay heed upon it. This is just one side of the story as there are even those sellers on Amazon, who believe that they can outsmart Amazon Team with their tricks, but that backfires big time to an extent that they are kicked out of this marketplace.

Who is an Amazon Account Specialist?

The point number one is if a seller would have been that wise and had knowledge about all the rules on the marketplace that won’t have cost him his account. So, reinstating the seller account isn’t something made for them and that demands some professional to do it on behalf of the seller. The Amazon Account Specialist is a professional who thoroughly understands Amazon’s working mechanism and comprehends guidelines too, plus he is even aware of all the policies and tricks of trades to get your seller account reinstated in case of the suspension or fix any other issues in this regard as well.

Just if you’re curious to know, most of the times the account specialist are the proficient attorneys who leverage the expertise to get the account reinstated but just with the online appeal option, rather than dragging things into the court.

Reddit Amazon Account Specialist

The first thing a desperate or heartbroken seller goes on doing is spending some time on the Amazon related forums and groups. None of the websites is as bigger as Reddit when it comes to the content rating and discussion and it shouldn’t be a revelation for many as it has tons of discussions regarding the seller account and also the issues that hamper your growth on that marketplace. At the same time, the discussion on Reddit is solution-oriented as well, so, it somehow shows you the right place or the account specialist to get your account reinstated.

How to get in contact with Amazon Account Specialist?

As Amazon is an online marketplace, those reinstatement service provider or the account specialist are also available online, so, before contacting them you need to know who is actually the right find for you. Apart from depending on the forums and groups, the word-of-mouth of the sellers attracts the fellow sellers in the first place. The account specialists are just a call away from you as they are available 24/7 across the week. Up the latest, around every of the account solution service provider, has the website of his own and that makes the contact between the seller and account specialist just one click away when surfing on the internet.

How to Recover a Locked Amazon Account?

Amazon makes sure it gives all the required security and privacy to the sellers and whenever there is some threat or anything abnormal happens related to your account, your account gets automatically locked. It isn’t something to worry about as Amazon has kept you pampered in the best way possible; the next step to recover your account from here is as easy as 1-2-3 and we won’t recommend you to hire some account solution provider for that purpose.

Amazon Reinstatement Services

At the moment, there are hundreds of Amazon Account reinstatement service providers and that adds more to the confusion of a seller to find the right one for his account. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a tiresome task that requires a hell of research from the sellers’ perspective to make sure things doesn’t head to worst as they already are worse following the Amazon Account Suspension.

Most of the Amazon Account Specialist charge way too much that sellers get reluctant to go out for some experts and finally they try to settle down things their way. We won’t even encourage you to go out for the bigwigs' account specialist that cost you an arm and a leg as you’d already been out of the budget. Before heading to the reinstatement service provider, you need to thoroughly look into what issue actually has turned down your account and in what effective way it can be restored.

How do I contact Amazon Account Specialist?

The account specialist is a click away from you or just the call in some cases, so, you don’t need to be that much worry about how to contacting them as they are available 24/7 without a break. Many of the account specialists offer live chat option on their websites that jolt down all the required information seller is looking out for in the first glance. Moreover, many of the account specialists are there on social media as well and what works even better is that they even have correspondents to entertain you, without making you wait too long.

Amazon Account Specialist 24 Hours Number

As mentioned above Amazon account specialists are just a call away from you, but what you need to do in the first place is choose the account specialist for you as there are plenty of options up to grab. Amazon sellers come across dozens of issues and the master for each of them varies, in case you’re looking to have the best in the best solution provider, make sure you don’t be reluctant to spend big. The reinstatement providers that charge nominal doesn’t mean they are ordinary or aren’t competitive to fix your account, you better need to stay miles away from the pricing stigma as it can make you bankrupt.

Account Reinstatement Services by Amazon Account Specialist

The quest for account reinstatement service provider is apt as your account and hard-earned money is on the stake. A close look into all the reinstatement service provider is your choice but highlighting you someone best in the business is our duty in some capacity.

If you are still unaware of David Willy (Reinstatement Service Provider) that means you haven’t faced the account related issue as of now because this accounts solution provider is the household name among the sellers nowadays.  With hundreds of seller success stories to name, David Willy group stands tall with their nominal charging policy and the effective Plan of Action that reinstates your account even if your account is stuck in the worst crisis. In case, you are curious to know about David Willy group, it comprises of several techies and dozens of attorneys who understand the seller related issues to quite a much extent. What works as an icing on the cake is their extensive services that too charge you way lesser than as compared to the counterparts.



  • Hi, please my Amazon account as been on over a week now and I contacted the customer care service about it and they told me to provide the necessary details and fax it to Amazon fax number and I don’t have access to a fax machine here. Pls someone should help me out.

    Ilaya Eugene
  • Hi Ali Raza Hussain,
    Thanks for sending us your query. It’s one of the trending issues most sellers are facing these days. i have shared the proposed solution via email. The proposal contains necessary milestones and pricing details. i am hopeful, using our proven approach, we can get your account reinstated early. Cheers.

  • Hi Taiwo Oluwadamilare Timilehin,
    Many sellers are facing the same issue on Amazon. Proposed Solution with all the necessary information including the service charges has been mailed to your Email Address. I hope we can get you out of this trouble from our experienced skills, and get your issue solved asap. Take Care!

  • Please my Amazon account as been on hold for a week I want to contact the amazon account specialist to help me resolve this

    Taiwo Oluwadamilare Timilehin
  • Hi I was suspended on amazon for trademark infringement and counterfeit claim from two respective sellers however I did my research from the uk government website for trademarks and intellectual property and neither sellers had a trademark and were based in China. What should I do? Thanks

    Ali Raza Hussain

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