Amazon Account Specialist Reinstatement Services Provider: Here is What You Need to Know?

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Amazon is unarguably the happy marketplace for everyone; whether it is the seller, buyer, marketer or a businessman. It does get frustrating sometimes but there is always a way out from that. But the aforementioned statement isn’t that legit about the desperate sellers who aren’t pleased with the Amazon’s Services, no matter what. Amazon takes time to settle and once you’re all set, you’re good to go.

Before doing this one should actually know that what makes a seller desperate on a platform which is home to 5 million sellers across the globe. Long story short, the sellers are a noob to an extent that they don’t bother to read the guidelines and terms and conditions set by Amazon and even if they get some precious time out reading it, they aren’t going to pay heed upon it. This is just one side of the story as there are even those sellers on Amazon, who believe that they can outsmart Amazon Team with their tricks, but that backfires big time to an extent that they are kicked out of this marketplace. You always need to take the middle smart route without anything seeming fishy or suspicious which we, here at David Willy can cater for exactly that and get rid of any stuck situation for you.

Who is an Amazon Account Specialist?

Amazon is a relatively complex and even though it might seem that one knows around everything there still remain some portions that are uncovered and that’s where Amazon can strike from. A seller can focus over promoting their sales but they cannot thoroughly cover other sections of it. So, reinstating the seller account isn’t something made for them and that demands some professional to do it on behalf of the seller. The Amazon Account Specialist is a professional who thoroughly understands Amazon’s working mechanism and comprehends guidelines too, plus he is even aware of all the policies and tricks of trades to get your seller account reinstated in case of the suspension or fix any other issues in this regard as well.
Just if you’re curious to know, most of the times the account specialist are the proficient attorneys who leverage the expertise to get the account reinstated but just with the online appeal option, rather than dragging things into the court. All you have to do is to call at +13473785334. 

Reddit Amazon Account Specialist

The first thing a desperate and hopeless seller goes on doing is spending some time on the Amazon related forums and groups. None of the websites is as bigger as Reddit when it comes to the content rating and discussion and it shouldn’t be a revelation for many as it has tons of discussions regarding the seller account and also the issues that hamper your growth on that marketplace. At the same time, the discussion on Reddit is solution-oriented as well, so, it somehow shows you the right place or the account specialist to get your account reinstated.

How to get in contact with Amazon Account Specialist?

As Amazon is an online marketplace, those reinstatement service provider or the account specialist are also available online, so, before contacting them you need to know who is actually the right find for you. Apart from depending on the forums and groups, the word-of-mouth of the sellers attracts the fellow sellers in the first place. The account specialists are just a call away from you as they are available 24/7 across the week. Up the latest, around every of the account solution service provider, has the website of his own and that makes the contact between the seller and account specialist just one click away when surfing on the internet.

Why you need an Amazon Account Specialist?

Having a car doesn’t mean you always know how to fix the punctured car tyre. Likewise having an Amazon seller account doesn’t make you eligible to deal with the related account issues all the time. In case you still want to keep things in your hand and deal with the Account suspension issue your way; don’t forget your account is on stake and one mishit can make you deprive off it.

On the other hand, opting Amazon Account Specialist for this task can be your masterstroke. The tried-and-tested reinstatement service provider can get you out of the lurches, anytime, anywhere. The Amazon Account Specialist also has insight knowledge of changing e-commerce trends and always keep nodes for anti-nodes along with him.

How to Recover a Locked Amazon Account?

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Amazon makes sure it gives all the required security and privacy to the sellers and whenever there is some threat or anything abnormal happens related to your account, your account gets automatically locked. It isn’t something to worry about as Amazon has kept you pampered in the best way possible; the next step to recover your account from here is as easy as 1-2-3 and we won’t recommend you to hire some account solution provider for that purpose.

Amazon Reinstatement Services

At the moment, there are hundreds of Amazon Account reinstatement service providers and that adds more to the confusion of a seller to find the right one for his account. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a tiresome task that requires a hell of research from the sellers’ perspective to make sure things doesn’t head to worst as they already are worse following the Amazon Account Suspension.

Most of the Amazon Account Specialist charge way too much that sellers get reluctant to go out for some experts and finally they try to settle down things their way. We won’t even encourage you to go out for the bigwigs' account specialist that cost you an arm and a leg as you’d already been out of the budget. Before heading to the reinstatement service provider, you need to thoroughly look into what issue actually has turned down your account and in what effective way it can be restored.

At times, it’s not the Amazon account suspension; it’s your account under review and you feel like everything is dark around. For sure, your selling privileges are taken away and the account is on hold but that never means it’s a full-stop kinda situation for you. This comes along with a retention window and your account comebacks to normalcy within 15-20 days.

The key to deal with seller account-related issues is understanding the email you’re received from Amazon and then get lazy as prompt action isn’t something encouraged. Reply once you’re cool-minded and have done all the required research about your plan of action and response to that horrible email as well.

In case if Plan of Action sounds tricky to you, try doing it Amazon Account specialist way as they are the one doing it since ages.

How do I contact Amazon Account Specialist?

The account specialist is a click away from you or just the call in some cases, so, you don’t need to be that much worry about how to contacting them as they are available 24/7 without a break. Many of the account specialists offer live chat option on their websites that jolt down all the required information seller is looking out for in the first glance. Moreover, many of the account specialists are there on social media as well and what works even better is that they even have correspondents to entertain you, without making you wait too long.

Amazon Account Specialist 24 Hours Number

Your best attorney to fix Amazon seller account issues is just a call away. You can contact us at +13473785334 this number anytime. We are available here 24/7 to help you out.

As mentioned above Amazon account specialists are just a call away from you, but what you need to do in the first place is choose the account specialist for you as there are plenty of options up to grab. Amazon sellers come across dozens of issues and the master for each of them varies, in case you’re looking to have the best in the best solution provider, make sure you don’t be reluctant to spend big. The reinstatement providers that charge nominal doesn’t mean they are ordinary or aren’t competitive to fix your account, you better need to stay miles away from the pricing stigma as it can make you bankrupt.

Account Reinstatement Services by Amazon Account Specialist

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The quest for account reinstatement service provider is apt as your account and hard-earned money is on the stake. A close look into all the reinstatement service provider is your choice but highlighting you someone best in the business is our duty in some capacity.

If you are still unaware of David Willy (Reinstatement Service Provider) that means you haven’t faced the account related issue as of now because this accounts solution provider is the household name among the sellers nowadays.  With hundreds of seller success stories to name, David Willy group stands tall with their nominal charging policy and the effective Plan of Action that reinstates your account even if your account is stuck in the worst crisis. In case, you are curious to know about David Willy group, it comprises of several techies and dozens of attorneys who understand the seller related issues to quite a much extent. What works as an icing on the cake is their extensive services that too charge you way lesser than as compared to the counterparts.


What's new in Amazon for 2020?!!

As we move past the holiday season for 2019, we can shift our focus to greater things in 2020. The thing to take away form the year 2019 is that Amazon has been more cautious and it is to proceed in this very direction going forward.  An honest advice to the sellers would be to pursue the legitimate methods and stick to being so as Amazon is also set to filter out further sellers who do no comply to the policies they have set. Amazon has already starting flagging and scrutinising accounts on the basis that they have not complied with the Seller Code of Conduct giving them little window to escape to reinstatement. As harsh as this is, the only solution for now would be to stick to Amazon’s policies and conduct normal, regular operations.

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  • David Willy

    Hi there Nicholas Hebert!

    There are a number of things that might be in play here, in your case. First, every seller account is associated with a buyer account so I guess this is where Amazon picked up that you have more than one buyer accounts (one from the seller account, the other one that’re originally yours).

    Nevertheless, we are here to help you and do everything in our power to get your seller account reinstated. You must have received a mail including further details.


  • Nicholas Hebert

    I am having some problems with Amazon Seller Performance Team and Amazon Customer Service Department Team. Amazon Account Specialist on the customer service side is accusing that I have more then 1 or 2 Amazon buyers account, this is sickening as hell!!!! Back in 2016, 2017 and 2018 I have been falsely accuse of selling a merchandise that I legally purchased on Amazon as a customer which is the SportsBot SS301 BLU Gaming over-ear headset, keyboard and mouse combo merchandise made by manufacturer company called SoundBot. Item was legally purchase on Amazon as a Prime 2002 Amazon Customer or shopper back in 2016, March 19. Then once the merchandise came in to be delivered to my home, I went online and purchase another gaming keyboard and mouse as a separate charge known as TeckNet. Now this year 2019 of August i am being accused of scamming other Amazon third Party Sellers for returning defective Brand new and Used products due to severe damage done to my Unite States Postal Service Carrier. Amazon Account Specialist then comes out and emails me that since i created a 2nd account with the same email address that was already closed down back in 2013-2018 that I violated Amazon’s Privacy Policy and Condition of Use Policy. Back in 2013-2018, Amazon Account Specialist told me in a previous correspondence that they thank me for Stating on top of Amazon LLC. website policy agreements and now i am being treated like a criminal by Amazon Customer Service and Account Specialist side of Amazon LLC. Amazon’s Privacy Policy and Condition of Use Policies are not at all accurate at all, company itself is cheating and now becoming a monopoly like Alibaba and Aliexpress completely, this is a dam farse and an outrage!!! My Amazon Prime 2002 customer account is put on hold told by previous numerous Amazon Customer Service Reps then shortly later on, I am being told A different story that my Amazon accounts are close down all together without fixing the main issue with my Amazon Customer Accounts on file!!!!!

  • DavidWilly

    Hello Mayowa,
    Many sellers are facing this sort of issues. I have mailed you the possible solution with price details. i hope with our expert knowledge we’ll resolve your issue early.
    Thank you.

  • Mayowa

    Hello,it’s been more than two weeks since my account has been on hold, i contacted the 5 customer reps within a week and they all have been telling me the same lies “we’ll direct you to an account specialist” but no one is contacting me, I couldn’t even log in to my account, I would be so glad if you can help me out because I’m so damn worried because I don’t know what i did wrong because I’ve never had such experience since i started using the site few months ago…Thanks

  • Ilaya Eugene

    Hi, please my Amazon account as been on over a week now and I contacted the customer care service about it and they told me to provide the necessary details and fax it to Amazon fax number and I don’t have access to a fax machine here. Pls someone should help me out.


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