Amazon Ungating Service


Selling on Amazon means money, and selling more products on this platform equates to more money. But that’s not as easy as it sounds to be as you can sell multiple products of your own but the limitations of not being able to sell in a particular category are right there.  So, if you come across the hindrance of selling in different categories on Amazon, you actually fancy your chances to earn more moolah.

 What is Amazon Ungating Service?

FYI, in technical language getting all this approval of selling in different categories or those locked categories is called Ungating.  You might have seen many sellers starting up with selling baby products and then got a transition to video games; this is what Amazon Ungating service does.  It should be noted here that once you jump on Amazon’s bandwagon you get entitled to sell on many of the categories straightaway. But in few of the categories, you’re barred from selling by Amazon Authorities.

Why Amazon Gates Categories for Sellers?

The legit question popping in your head might be ‘what leads Amazon to gate certain categories for sellers’? The various perceptions would have got dozens of answers to that but practically it's more about making a quality check/control. Following that Amazon only gates the categories that are kind of hard to sell for the sellers. The other way around, if sellers of these specific categories fail to meet the quality, it can be hazardous for the consumers.

Long story short, Amazon is just extra cautious and that speaks merit for this platform being the first-ever company to reach the coveted one-trillion-mark. Still, you as a seller shouldn’t take this gating strategy as final say as we at David Willy have some proven stats as Amazon Ungating Service provider.

 Before you make your mind to get the ungating service, you should evaluate whether doing so worth it or it’s all in vain. Getting ungated for a category merely after knowing someone is really scoring big in won’t be the wisest move of yours. The prior experience and know-how before selling in a particular category is a must.


Amazon Ungating Service & Account Health


 Once you believe you’re good to go for selling in let’s say music category and it’s some lucrative deal for you; David Willy is right there to upgrade you. What plays a pivotal role in getting you this access is your outlook and repute as one mature account with some outstanding account health.  Moreover, if you aren’t even presentable in all the above-mentioned, our experts can put your case persuasively and logically that Amazon finds it irresistible to ungate in the category you want.

What makes David Willy the best Amazon Ungating Service Provider?


The proficient teams of ours know what it takes to ungate category for sellers. You’d have to let us know about your sale invoices and service reps; leaving the rest on us.

Unlike other Amazon Ungating Service providers, we won’t leave you in the lurches with just opening up gates for certain category as we understand sub-category restrictions can ruin the party.  We cater for subcategory restrictions as well and get you something that’s workable for you.

Free Consultation


We are primarily a consultation firm offering guidance and legal counsel to how to pull back from Amazone seller account suspension. The years after stepping up and helping the Amazone Seller Account holders with various issues, we finally made another difference with flexing our muscles when it comes to ungating brands and categories for you. So, with doingso you can freely list the products you want and witness the boom in your sales.

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The Amazon Account Reinstatment Services Provide,
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