eBay Negative Feedback Removal as a Seller – Tips and Tricks to get over the line

eBay is not the best, but one of the best online marketplaces for both the sellers and buyers. Reaffirming the point, it is one ideal selling place for the sellers as it neither havocs your account out of blue, nor gets your seller account suspended that easy. But it never means, you start doing every wrong and then go ahead blaming us for the suspension. What we literally mean is eBay is bit flexible when it comes to sidelining the sellers and forcing them to follow guidelines blatantly.

In case, you’re failing to keep it up with positive or even neutral reviews, or getting drowned by the negative reviews, it’s high time you start rethinking.  Before you give this point a second thought, let us tell you eBay negative feedback removal is very much possible and one can neutralize or remove it easily.  The point is even if these negative feedbacks take you down as a seller, they can make your products appear behind in searches, which directly means lesser revenues and lesser profits.

How Ebay Negative Feedback Removal takes place?

As selling requires no rocket science, same goes for getting a feedback removed, what you all needs is sound logical and persuasive and practice what you’re preaching. What mean by that is there should be no contradiction between what you’re doing and saying when you’re up trying to be courteous to the buyers.

Even if you can’t persuade the sellers to remove their feedback, still there’s one last resort, And if you choke to do that rightly, then its game over for you, means you can’t remove that particular negative lingering on your account. But before one get it to know in depth; you should be quite familiar with the eBay Feedback system and the predicaments in case you fail to catch the beat.

Ebay Feedback System & its Impact on Sellers?

Nobody wants to be perished for a mistake or poor services he/she gave around 3 years back; eBay understands this idea from the core. Consequently, they only gauge your performances on the feedback you got over past 12 months, anything old than that is never counted. Same goes for your winning streak with positive feedbacks; you can’t claim yourself as a flawless seller on the basis of your last year performance.


eBay Feedback Removal  through contacting Buyer

You can get your feedback revised before it’s too late, yes you can get it changed in your favor within 30 days of transaction took place. In case if it has passed the due date then knocking at the buyers door will be futile, no matter if he’s willing to give you positive review with heaps of praises this time.  The only way out is you outreaching to the buyer right after receiving the negative, and while doing so you be courteous and sound respectable to as much extent as you can. Even though it’s not your fault directly, still logistic company or other issue made it happen so, don’t hesitate to offer refund, exchange or even a coupon for this purpose.


eBay intervention to Remove Negative Feedback for Sellers

Let’s be honest, you ain’t going to get anything from here unless you’re lucky or it’s some technical issue. This one as last resort to change the mind of buyer has nothing much to offer unless buyer has given that negative reviews mistakenly, mistaking you as some other seller.  O the other hand, it’s some fake agenda against you by the competitive sellers; you gotta prove that systematically, which is hard to, so you don’t many options to escape from here. Moreover, you can console oneself by telling few negative reviews can’t put you down as there are tons of positive reviews in your favor too.

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