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eBay is one of the few market places that aren’t a bumpy ride for the sellers and that’s what making it always stays next to the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon. Though diminutive in front of Bezos giant still it has got all the right reasons to stay shopper’s favorite. Arguably, eBay has as strong structures as Amazon, or even better when it comes to staying non-biased towards the sellers every other time.

In case you just think eBay is a haven for all those fraudulent sellers, it’s never like that – this platform is 100% intolerant towards the sellers who can ruin the shopping experiences. As simple as it can get, the seller’s policy violation pushes eBay authorities to take a vigilant response as it’s their reputation on the stake.  

There are certain tried-and-tested ways for the sellers to stay miles away from the threatening line of suspension, and metrics at sellers’ end is a measure of how good you are keeping up with it. Still, challenges are inevitable for your business growth and those who just stand firm at that time deserves the upraise.  Needless to say, at times seller’s complaint is about something out of the blue hampering their run as a seller on eBay. What you can do is get extra-cautious and try to adapt with the rapidly changing trends on eBay.


Various reasons can get your eBay seller account suspended, this writeup focuses on one of the most controversial in the lot, ‘Order Defect Rate’. The deep insights of our experts at David Willy believe it is more of the qualitative check and has no strong reasoning or quantitative backing to it. Still, it isn’t that shady too become a deal-breaker. This writeup aims to empower eBay sellers by letting them have all the required knowledge to sail on the safer side. This may sound tricky but it isn’t, at least when we are here to narrate you the entire story.

What is the eBay Order Defect Rate?

The order defect rate stands for the defective orders in comparison to that of non-defective ones. The eBay seller metrics let you keep record and gauge your seller performance on this marketplace.  If it’s dropping down you can easily know that and make the steady move to uplift things your way. The order defect rate is calculated in the form of a percentage, for instance, you end up giving 4 defective orders out of the 100 completed orders, the defect rate is 4% in the case.

The experts believe this order defect rate is spanned up to quarterly (3 months) or yearly (12 months). Once you overcome this bad patch, you’re all set to start fresh as previous high or low performance isn’t kept in accordance for your defect rate on this platform.

Types of Order Defect Rate

Let’s be honest, there can be a multitude of reasons directly or indirectly adding up to your order defect rate. Most probably there are three types of order defect rate; here they are:

  • Orders cancelled by Sellers
  • Moneyback Guarantee Claims by eBay
  • PayPal Buyer Protection

Orders Canceled by Sellers

That may not be a fiasco of yours as a seller but as you’re at the helm and feasting on all the luxuries of being a seller on eBay, you can’t dodge negative consequences too. Though if it’s some real-time issue like a natural disaster or some national-level incident that would have led you to cancel the order, eBay might be there on your side. Perhaps if it’s some logistic issues or your products are stuck at the production level, you’d have to pay the price for cancelling the order. Each and every order cancelled by you soars up the order defect rate.


Moneyback Guarantee Claims by eBay

It’s the situation when things are away from your hand and the buyer has reached to eBay management directly to get the issue resolved. Moreover, the eBay has doubted seller as responsible for the lag and asks for a prompt refund to the buyer. The buyer can avail this offer within 30 days of receiving/not receiving the product. Besides, the buyer can claim this money back offer in either of the two conditions:



 - The item delivered is faulty or it isn’t as per the description by the seller.
- The item is never received to the buyer.

PayPal Buyer Protection

It somehow works the same as the money-back guarantee claims by eBay. The timeline to get a refund is`180 days, 6 times more than that of eBay Money Back Guarantee Claim.  PayPal offer buyers the protection for all their payments if the product isn’t delivered or if delivered it isn’t as per the description.

How important eBay Defect Rate is?

If you’re the kind of seller who is here to rock on as the top-rated seller you should stay hawk-eyed to avoid this defect rate beforehand. Having several defect orders might not take away your selling privileges, but for sure they affect your bid to become a top-rated seller. It will be pertinent to mention here that if your order defect rate climbs 0.5% or you get three defect claims proven against you, eBay removes your top-rated seller status right away.


eBay Defect Rate – Here’s the Catch

You may be doing everything good from your side – still, things might not be working your way.  Have you ever thought why is that so? Some desperate sellers tried to outrun you not with improving performance but planting conspiracies against you. They get disguised as a seller and pull your leg by leaving false reviews on purpose. That may sound too unreal to you but it is what our proficient seller account specialists have extracted out of decades of their experiences.

Another thing is the buyer might be looking for something else but end up buying your product. He may not have bothered to read the description and once after getting the item shipped, he never wants a resolution with you either. eBay management may resist once the ball is in their court but still most of the time their decisions are inclined towards buyers.

How to overcome the eBay Order Defect Rate?

There are certain quick-ways to stay safe from this order defect rate kinda thingy. With proven track record, they work on preventing this issue but there’s very little to help if the order defect rate just keeps on soaring.

Customer Service

If you’re selling it right but not adding value through customer care, you’re already halfway lacking what it takes to be successful. The customer care has that ability to turn an annoyed buyer into a happy customer and it's easy if your sound polite, logical and persuasive.

Go for Returns/Refunds

If the buyer doesn’t want to hear anything and is again and again asking you for the return or refund. Take them as the final words and do it as it is. This may cost you a few bucks but save your fate from bigger suffering.

Accurate Inventory

If your inventory doesn’t match the product, sorry to say, but you’re the culprit. Always try to stay accurate with it, the exaggeration won’t work your way. It may bring tons of sales but most of them will just increase your order defect rate.

The one-stop solution for all your eBay Seller Account issues – David Willy

The defect rate is a sort of taint on your seller account, though buyers can’t see that it's still involved in ranking factors and get you penalized as well. Consequently, this can lead to a decrease or even no sales in the worsts circumstances. Wait, we have got David Willy to take you out from all this chaotic situation.

What experts at David Willy do is file an appeal for your seller account to remove this order defect rate? They know what they are doing – a proper Plan of Action (PoA) is executed by them to remove the defect rate and that too in a legitimate way.

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