Plan of Action for Amazon Suspended Seller Account: Everything You Need to Know!

Amazon has strict policies and code of conduct that is meant to be followed by both the sellers and the buyers but it still has a bright side that makes this marketplace hassle-free and non-contradictory in between the sellers. So, the sellers who are in the run to grab the hold of this marketplace are foes to one and another when it comes to the professional commitments and targets but yet it doesn’t ask for the conflict between both the parties. And still, if it’s something that’s points of concern between the sellers, Amazon intervenes in the first place and gets it fixed ASAP, no matter what.

 The sellers who tend to outsmart the Amazon team and get things done by some shortcut are likely to get caught for this plus being sanctioned as per the offense they committed. The newbies trying to win it on Amazon right away without complying with the set term and conditions got backfired and this turns out to be their biggest regret of life. It will be pertinent to mention here that Amazon isn’t reluctant to suspend or black the sellers irrespective of their domains and repute on this platform. Those deprived of their selling privileges better know how annoying it is to not being able to run their services on Amazon, and the same goes for those whose seller account gets suspended on Amazon.

Amazon Account Suspended how to open a new one?

 If your Amazon seller account has suspended, there’s still a way out to it but it’s not like every other seller thinks it to be. To be very clear, once the doors of your seller account are shut, going out for a new account isn’t the wisest of the moves as it can lead to the worst and those who have actually got what we are talking about is getting both of your accounts permanently banned on this marketplace. So, you need to be one step ahead with the knowledge regarding what you are supposed to do after the account suspension, moreover, keeping a strong check on the don'ts will be a plus for you.

How long does Amazon Suspension Last?

That’s a sort of one of the most looked out for questions among those sellers who got axed or are handed a suspension on Amazon. And like every other person we can’t give a precise opinion regarding the time frame as it varies depending on the violation seller committed. It can be anything between 7 days, 30 days or in the worst sort of cases this suspension can even be for the indefinite time. This time while staying out of the Amazon would be annoying for sure but getting calm down and taking the appeal process seriously can be the game changer in your favour.

Amazon Account Suspended How to Get it Back?

No matter how low-morale you are after getting hands off from your seller account, you need to collect your confidence for the final lap that will actually be deciding your future on this e-commerce website. Not to forget, you've got the option to appeal in response to Amazon’s verdict that got you off-boarded from the market place. Appeal or most notably, the first appeal is something that can do the miracle for you as it can get your account reinstated within several days if it carries the right potential in it. The pro tip you need to keep in accordance while submitting your first appeal is ‘the first impression is the last impression’; so you need to make sure the first appeal is good enough to change Amazon’s decision in your favour.

How to set up a Plan of Action for Account Reinstatement?

 The foundation of your appeal is the Plan of Action (PoA) and in order to make sure you’re right there with it, you need to leverage all your expertise with the POA. You need to formulate the plan while keeping in view the violation and the reason that got your account suspended. Make sure it’s unique, based on facts and is formal as well; if you are considering to get things done with the copy-pasted plan of action from some forum it isn’t going to work right as you need be specific to your account suspension rather than talking about it in general. 

 Amazon Plan of Action Format

The formal part or the salutation and signing off should be strictly in accordance with the prevailing plan for it and for this purpose, one can look out in the forums but what it should be written in the context should be your own story or better to be called the clarification. While doing so you need to get your facts right and be precise as well. Plus, phrase ‘long story short’ should be like your go-to approach as the large texts might lose efficiency and the attention as well. So, remaining point-centric won’t be a bad stroke from your side. 

Order Defect Rate Plan of Action

It is like one of the key features that gauge how good you are with maintaining the customer experience. The order defect rate stands for all the one or more defects occurring in your orders within a specific time frame. Whenever the ODR exceeds the 1% limit it is most likely to result in the account deactivation. The negative feedback is the main highlight for the ODR. While keeping all this in view, you need to keep your plan of action in accordance with all the situation that lead to this predicament. 

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