Reinstate Suspended Ebay Account

Here’s an Easy Way to Reinstate Your Suspended eBay Account

This may sound like a death blow to your run on this marketplace. But it isn’t, even eBay itself asserts that the suspension can be as light as a temporary block if you’re on the legit seller. In case you’re the other way around, then there’s no compassion or mercy on this dream marketplace of yours. eBay takes note as one of the biggest e-commerce stores across the globe and that’s the need of the hour for them to come up with a plan, which doesn’t have loopholes for fraudsters or fakesters.

This write-up aims to give you enough knowledge about what leads to eBay Seller Account Suspension, and in case you’re already facing suspension, it will let you know about the way out too.


Here is what you need to know about eBay Account on Hold, Restriction and Suspension

Though each and every one of it has the negative connotation attached along with certain consequences too. But still, you can’t use these terms interchangeably as they are altogether different from one and another. Moreover, the way to bring you seller account back to normalcy from either of them is different. The temporary blocking or restriction might be there if your account is accessed by some third party.

At times the account on hold or restriction process comes in play if your payment method was recently declined or it’s outdated. The problems like failing to reimburse the buyer's payment even after eBay’s intervention can get you restricted but as soon you make this one-time payment, you’re back in the business.

The suspension of seller accounts takes place after some serious violation of eBay rules and policies is being made even after if you’re cautioned about that beforehand. However, even things aren’t that much clearer to you below is our take on the reasons that get you in the lurches, mean get your seller account suspended.




Reasons behind eBay Account Suspension

Before we go onto highlight the reasons behind account suspension, we’ll let you know how eBay defines all the process. eBay takes this account restriction and suspension as something in order to avoid fraud and save the community from experiencing negative impacts or experiences.

Below are some of the issues that can lead to your eBay Account Suspension

Inability to Verify your Account

 A Serious Violation of eBay’s set Rules and Policies

 Selling Forgery items

 Late Shipping Order

 Late Tracking Number

 High Transaction Defect Rate


There can be other reasons too, depending upon the violation. Whatever it is, eBay reaches through message and let you know about it in the detail.



How to reinstate Suspended eBay Account?

What if we tell you eBay itself comes up with the solution for your suspended account. It may sound weird but it is what it is; the message you receive from eBay about account suspension is quite detailed. And what we main by quite detailed is that eBay authorities even tell you to submit or do things this way to get your account reinstated.

It may sound simple yet it can be something seriously challenging for those who don’t have technical knowledge with them. In case you’re one of those or don’t want to risk your only breadwinning source, David Willy is one platform that can help you out of all this chaotic situation. Experts at David Willy leverage their expertise to get your seller account back to the normalcy.

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