How to Reopen Amazon Seller Account after Suspension?

Amazon has witnessed exponential growth in past several years and that has pushed them to standout miles ahead of eBay and Walmart, plus crossing the prestigious $1 trillion valuation mark have worked as icing on the cake for them. With everything going in Bezos’ favor, Amazon takes the credit as the world’s best marketplace and that has become possible with the help of billions of buyers and of course the unsung heroes, I mean the millions of sellers on this platform.

The sellers even being the important asset of Amazon has not able to earn the due place they deserve and that’s what has led them rattling about Amazon being biased towards them every now and then. Though we aren’t talking about the majority of sellers on Amazon as of course they are happy-sellers, what we are saying above is about a small fraction of sellers that have been chanting anti-Amazon slogan over getting suspended on this marketplace. Such sellers believe that their seller account was knocked down because of the unjust reasons.

So, in order to get you in the right direction, here we are going to enlighten you regarding the reasons that lead to your sudden suspension and the way to reopen your account rather than setting up yet another seller account. It should be noted here that Amazon is quite clear about one account per seller policy as Amazon doesn’t appreciate the monopoly on this platform, and goes another way with providing equal opportunity to all of the sellers.

Amazon Account Performance

The sellers account health actually determines his/her faith on this platform and a wise seller always keeps a strong eye on it, no matter what. The account performance is directly or indirectly attached to the customer satisfaction. As mentioned above you are sure to go places on Amazon if you take the account indicators for real and even if its lean patch your account gets the tag  ‘risk’, you’re supposed to take some serious actions to get back the rhythm and get the much-needed uplift. Getting stuck with poor performance, not only happens your seller repute but also make you look gloom too an extent that Amazon hands you over the sanction in shape of the suspension or termination.

Those who are actually curious to know what stands for the account performance need to know there are various factors that determine the goodness of your account, out of which the most talked about is the Cancelation Rate (CR) and Late Shipment Rate (LSR). The former one denotes the orders canceled by the seller, whereas the latter makes the late delivery count.

Amazon Buyer Account Suspended

There can be numerous reasons for your account suspension; what all you can do in the first place is maintaining the health of your account. But that doesn’t give a full-fledge guarantee you’re playing on the safer side as something out of the thin air can also ruin your day, with keeping the actual reason for your account suspension unknown. Just to let the sellers know, Amazon takes immediate action of the buyer’s feedback and it's even rapid when it's about the counterfeit items or some sort of forgery on the platform. In such cases Amazon Team doesn’t let the whole information come out or share each and every detail with the seller; what they do in the first place is reviewing the account and tracing each of the fishy activity that violates the terms and conditions of Amazon.

 Amazon Seller Account Closed due to Inactivity

It isn’t that you’re always being suspended for doing something wrong, at times it can be the different reasons as well. Although, when it is about you going on inactive for quite some time on Amazon, your seller account gest closed or goes onto the mute. And in order to rejoin or restart your selling services on this marketplace, you don’t need to go again with the tedious signup as the simple setting can bring you back on this platform. In order to restart your seller activities, you need to log in and click ‘reactivate your listings’ option on it. Long story short, after doing so the rejoining option is just a few clicks away from you.

How to reopen a closed Amazon Seller Account?

There is no rocket science or invention yet being made to reinstate your seller account any other way apart from filing an appeal for it. The appealing process may be a bit tedious one but that is what it is and the seller is on task to persuade the Amazon Team to get the account back. And in case, if you think you’re trying to knock the doors of the apex court due to the unjustified suspension on this platform, that’s never going to work your way as tons of sellers have previously done that in the past but it has all fallen in vain. Many of the cases are yet pending and those who have got the results are kept confidential.

Appeal the removal of Selling Privileges

The suspension or review on Amazon gets the selling privileges on the block and that is something that hurt sellers the most. Other than selling privileges facing a ban, the funds also get on holds and that is to an annoying process for the sellers as it is the backbone to make sure all this selling process remains smooth throughout. The first appeal from the seller needs to be spot on in order to get account reinstated but even if that’s turning down, you can change things in your favor with making another appeal in this regard.

Amazon Suspension Forum

The desperate seller after facing the suspension heads to the Amazon suspension related forum or groups, and nowadays there are hundreds of such groups on Facebook and other social media portals. The reason behind sellers heading on such platforms is to know the tricks and tips to get your account reinstated. And it won’t be wrong to say that it backfires big time as going on such platforms add more to the confusion of sellers. So, the seller should be quite picky about taking bits of advice of every Tom, Dick, and Harry on such forums and groups.

 Amazon Suspension Appeal

The Amazon Appeal is something that is going to determine your future on the marketplace, so, putting all your potential won’t be a bad deal at all. For an effective appeal what you need in the first place is a strong Plan of Action (PoA) that is based on the facts. Moreover, it should also feature a plot that is strong enough to convince the Amazon team and get the account reinstated. Those who are trying to con Amazon or eyeing to change their fate with fabricated stories are sure to stay despondent at the end of the day.

 Amazon Account Specialist

There are hundreds of Amazon reinstatement service providers, but one can’t be sure which one of them will actually be working their way. And the other thing that troubles the seller most is the budget issue as many of the account solution providers will cost you an arm and a leg. But to save yourself from all this trouble, you can knock ones’ door who is already acknowledged service provider; it can’t be someone better than David Willy as with extensive services it reinstates your account with not breaking your bank anyway.  

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  • David Willy

    Hi Jacky!

    Hope you’re doing fine. We know how frustrating suspension can be for a seller, putting a halt on all the otherwise smoothly running operations. Please know that we are here to help you out and get you back up to actively selling over Amazon but I do have a question about your seller account.

    Did you submit similar documents at the time of registering with Amazon seller central?


  • Jacky

    I received an email to review my Amazon seller account by the seller performance team after I create the account for 4 days. They ask some documents as below:
    Please provide the following documents and confirm there is a valid credit card on file:

    —Utility bill with name and address visible
    —Business license, if applicable
    —If you have active listings, include copies of invoices, receipts, contracts or delivery orders from your supplier issued in the last 90 days.

    end of email——————

    I provided the documents in 14 days and then got reply email in 3days as below:

    Your Amazon selling account remains deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you and may be held for 90 days or longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact on your account.

    Why is this happening?
    This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.

    We may not respond to further emails about this issue.

    end of email -——————————-

    I created a listing but didn’t sell any items.
    Can you help me reinstate my account?
    Thanks a lot


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