Pre-fulfillment Rate:

Amazon allows sellers a cancellation rate of range below 2.5%. As a seller, one can encounter a great deal of unfortunate incidents eventually leading to you, being the seller, unable to deliver the items to the destined customers. There is no leniency shown by Amazon for the selling entities and that’s where we jump aboard, guiding you through every inch of hardship to getting your account reinstated.

Price : 2000 $ 2500$ 

Late Shipment:

Owing to several reasons, including the likes of the retailers, brand owners and manufacturers delivering to you a rather delayed shipment which you pass ahead to the customers, obviously later, Amazon takes a somewhat customer-biased review disregarding any facts or excuses, deeming the account suspended. The allowed rate for this is under a 4% mark which we excel in rectifying for you.

Intellectual Property Claims:

A part of the Product Policy Compliance, these claims coincide with the situation where products are listed just to reach to the unpleasant circumstance of getting the account suspended. The ASINS which are listed, even though by a mere accident, are reported to Amazon, the reason being that the products were genuinely bearing copyrights for a single brand. We are here to cater for this sort of legality crisis in split seconds.



Listing Policy Violations:

Another of the Product Policy Compliance, Listing Policy Violations are also the products being deemed out of the regular vendor’s reach in order to sustain the brand legitimacy. An experienced group like us can escalate the process of getting a seller account reinstated, manifolds.



Product Condition Customer Complaints:

 Amazon is eager to take a rather biased stance for the customers as they invoke their right to state a product out of order or damaged. These can in return turn to immense head-ache for the vendor concluding in the account suspension, to cater for which also resides inside our service premises.



Product Safety Customer Complaints:

Bearing the right for the customer to speak their mind turns a sharp blow to the vendor even though the vendor is not the one questionable for the product safety or quality. Amazon turns customer biased again deeming any account suspended or under a fatal review as per a specific limit of complaints thrown by the customers. These problems seldom arise but surely these can prove to be a downright loss for the vendor.



Hold On Funds:


Predicaments and tough situations are frequent if you opt to sell over Amazon. The troubles seem to escalate as the suspension leads to the funds against the seller accounts, be kept on hold. This situation can either arise out of the blue or owing to a review that Amazon can conduct over your seller account. We can place the facts right for Amazon to judge your transparent seller account the way it is, legitimate.



Account Review


Sometimes sensing something fishy or suspicious, or just straight out of the blue, Amazon starts conducting a thorough review of our seller accounts. This although sounds no harm but it means some for sure. The review can take exceedingly long time periods and can be rather frustrating as your funds are kept on hold for the time being. We bear the perfect expertise for working out a solution for the situation.



Authorized Brand Invoices:


Selling over Amazon is not just about you being the Brand owner or the rightful retailer. People sell as the middle entities purchasing goods from the retailers and the brand owners themselves. Amazon understands the concept but frequently pings the sellers into providing Amazon with the invoices that the brand has issued to them. We have devised plans and connections directly with the brands which renders dealing with this, easier.



Retraction Emails From The Brand Owners:


Bearing decent and exquisite connections with the brands is how we present ourselves which does app up simplicity in dealing the likes of retraction emails from the brand owners in case the seller gets messed up with a legal crisis revolving certain brands.