1 - David helped me throughout this account suspension journey, and believe me, it wasn’t an easy one. But this man can be your real asset, who is specialized in Amazon Seller Accounts. He is really good at his job. The situation can be unbearable, but Mr. David Willy helps you in all possible ways to get you your account back, share your burden and give you the decent counsel. So, if you need any help, I'll suggest you to use this attorney! 

Charles Milton - Director, Globex Corporation

2 - What I will suggest to you is that you shouldn’t be wasting your time with anyone else. DAVID IS THE REAL GUY! I have been searching for some Amazon Account specialist to help me in this matter. Even I mailed Amazon to figure out the real cause but didn’t get any solid reason.  I was facing a major loss in my business due to my account suspension, so I began to search for online companies that might help me with this. There were plenty of such platforms but even their customer support was doubtful to trust them with this issue. Then I called David Office. He picked up the call and after a very decent discussion, he assured me this was flexible. Long story short, I have got my account back and he did what he said in a most professional and friendly way.

Huang Wei - Benefits Officer, Bluth Company

3 - David Willy is the REAL DEAL! He is the most trustworthy and methodical person to have. David will deal with any tricky situation to get you back on your business. It is empowering to have someone like David on your side. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney for a seller account.

Tiffany Hannagan, Finjob Corp.

4 - A colleague of mine referred me to David and believe me it wasn’t a disappointment! My Amazon Seller Account Suspended because of reviews. So, I gradually learned how to get better reviews and David helped me with the POA. We had to intensify it and it took almost 3 weeks but finally, I got a response from Amazon that now my account is reinstated. He and his whole team are very responsive and helping. Their prices are very fair and will help until your matter gets solved.

Velvet Straws LLC

5 - David has done an amazing job for me. He helped with so many issues that I couldn’t even understand. First, he helped to remove hijackers and filed three trademarks. Then I told him about my blocked selling privileges and he helped me in getting that back. He is so active and efficient. I confidently recommend him. He is your best guy in this business!

Happy Hour INC

6 - I got my Amazon account suspended because of counterfeit goods allegations that were not true, but still, I hired a specialist to resolve my issue and after five days I got my account reinstated. He is one of the best attorneys at seller accounts reinstating that I have seen and I have been in this business for the last four years

Daphne Killian - Project Manager, Sumace LLC.

7- I found David Willy when I was looking for an Amazon account specialist because my account was suspended unreasonably. I tried to connect Amazon, they refused to answer. But David knew how to exactly operate Amazon in such matters. He wrote an appealing mail and guided me throughout the process in a very reasonable fee. He always answered my calls whenever I contacted him.

Ferenc D.

8 - David helped me in getting my Amazon account back. He was very personable and easy to work with. Guided me throughout the process and tell me exactly what to do at every step to get my account back. He successfully won my case. His charges were fair and overall it took 7 to 8 days to get my account to reinstate. I highly recommend him and will surely work with him again if ever get into a situation like this. He is the best attorney for seller accounts. Thank you!

Alexa Timbrook